Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GS Desk

Letter to DDG (P) i/c/w issue of combined All India Seniority List of Inspectors, Posts from the year 1999

No. CHQ/IPASP/MMS/2013                                               Dated : 29/10/2013.
Shri V. P. Singh,
Deputy Director General (P),
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001. 

Subject : Issue of combined All India Seniority List of Inspectors, Posts from the year 1999…reg.

Ref.        : Directorate file No. 9-9/2011-SPG dated 20th February, 2013.

Respected Sir,
Vide this letter, the Association likes to remind your honour a propos letter submitted to your esteemed office through SR Division under No. 10-9/2013-SR dated 30th September 2013. Another relevant correspondence pending in Directorate may also be looked into.

          As inscribed in the letters hitherto, your kind attention is hereby brought to the fact that the issue of All India seniority list of IPs has not yet been resolved. Although assurance had been given by Hon’ble Secretary (Posts) on 6/2/2013 and by Member (P) on 23/9/2013 for early resolution of issue and again on yet action is pending. This Association was recently informed by Directorate vide memo No. 137-89/2013-SPB-II dated 11/10/2013 that seniority list is likely to be circulated within 15 days (copy enclosed), but is learnt that it will again take few weeks. This is so when all the circles have submitted rectification reports on draft seniority list as confirmed vide Directorate memo No. 9-9/2011-SPG dated 20th February 2013.

          It is therefore fervently requested to arrange issue of Combined All India Seniority List of Inspector Posts cadre from the year 1998 onwards immediately and make it available in the website of India Posts.
          Soliciting your early action in this regard.
                                                                             Yours sincerely,
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GS Desk

Filling up of vacant posts of HSG-I (IP Line) Cadre.

To view the copy of acknowledgement letter No. 10/9/2013-SR dated 26/9/2013, please CLICK  HERE.

GS Desk

Informal meeting with Secretary (Posts) with the representatives of IP / ASP Association.

     To view the copy of reply received from Directorate under letter No. 137-89/2013-SPB-II dated 11th October 2013, please CLICK HERE. Total pages are there.
      All the members are requested to see the reply given by Directorate on item No. 5 i.e. Clarification on merger of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendents Posts cadre. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recasting of Marks of PS Group-B examination held on 03.06.2012 - An update

            It is learnt from Directorate that in response to Directorate's letter No. A.34012/03/2012-DE dated 13th August 2013, in all 15 representations were received with different feed backs on keys displayed on departmental Web site. These representations are said to be thoroughly examined and accordingly the work of recasting of marks of LDCE for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B examination held on 3/6/2012 for the vacancies of 2012 is at final stage. The revised result is expected shortly.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Question Bank

(above 3700 short questions and Answers for Gr-B, JAO, IPO and other departmental examinations)
For copies and details please contact- 
Smt. Ch. Vijaya Sai. D.No 23-28/2-8B, Challapallivari Street, Satyanaranapuram PO, Vijayawada-520011 AP

PMG NK Region Dharwad issued transfer/posting order in PSS Gr"B" cadre dated 24.10.2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Maintenance of select panel while finalizing GDS selections - Clarification

Copy of Directorate memo No. 19-14/2010-GDS dated  18 October,  2013 
I am directed to refer your office letters No. STA/22-12/BG-West/III dated 12.03.2013 & 26.06.2013 and this Directorate letter No. even dated 25.06.2010 on the subject cited above and to clarify the doubts as follows:-
Point of doubt
If the approved candidates in the merit list declined to accept the offer of appointment and still there are number of eligible candidates in the merit list, whether the selection may be made by listing another select panel of 5 more candidates applied to the original notification or re-notification is to be issued in such cases?
No. In case all five approved candidates decline, the select panel gets exhausted and, therefore, in such cases selection process is to be initiated afresh.
A panel of 5 candidates was finalized during December 2012. First candidate did not turn up and the next meritorious candidates was selected and appointed on 16.01.2013. But he was terminated from service w.e.f. 01.04.2013 for his unsatisfactory work. Whether third candidate in the panel of selection made in the said case may be apointed or to go again for fresh appointment by fresh notification?
Apart from the contingencies mentioned in Para 6(i) to (iii), the select panel may be utlized in other contingencies as well provided the select panel is valid reckoning one year from the date of finalization of the select panel initially.
This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

(Surender Kumar)
Assistant Director General (GDS)

Political parties can come under RTI ambit, attorney general says ....... To view news, please CLICK HERE. 

No chance of Sr. Postmaster examination this year too.

Due to following CAT cases at various benches Sr. PM examination could not held since 2011.  It is learnt that no regular hearings are seems to held in these cases. This year also Sr. PM examination will not be held. Members are aware that CHQ has already taken up the issue with Directorate to finalize the RRs of PS Gr. B cadre and reduce the quota in LDCE of general line. This issue was listed in agenda of periodical meeting. 
Sl. No.
Name of applicant
OA No.
Priyanath Pattanayak
Devi Prasad Nayak
C. H. Vijay Gopal and G V. Shrinivasan
Andhra Circle
B. Krishna
Andhra Circle
All India Association of Inspectors and Asstt. Supdt. Posts, AP Circle Branch
Andhra Circle
All India Association of Inspectors and Asstt. Supdt. Posts, Punjab and Haryana  Circle Branch
Punjab & Haryana
Vedprakash Sharma
Himachal Pradesh

The most of cases are said to be filled for the following relief;

1. Quash the letter dated 3.10.2011 by which Limited Departmental Examination for Promotion to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster (Gazetted) has been ordered to be held on 31.12.2011 which is against the Department of Posts, Postal Supdts/Postmaster Group B Recruitment Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time as there is no vacant post in the quota prescribed under the rules as detailed in the preceding paras.
2. Quash the letter dated 29.11.2011 by which the applicants have been informed that ASPs are not eligible for appearing in the examination.

3. Quash the Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade ‘III and II-Group B non-Gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade I-Group C Non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, i.e Postmasters Cadre Rules, 2010 run contrary to the Postal Services Postmaster Group B Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time, as the quota of the Inspector Line, has also been reduced from 19% and 75% by carving out the posts.

4. Issue direction to the respondents to consider the case of the members of the applicant No. 1 Union and other applicants for promotion under these rules of 1987 in their quota and promote them from due date with all the consequential benefits and it be declared that the bifurcation of quota now carried out by the respondents is illegal, arbitrary and bereft of any discernible principle.
5. Any other order or direction deemed fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case may also kindly be issued in favour of the applicants.
All the applicants and concerned Circle Secretaries are once again requested to intimate the present status of their CAT case/s time to time to CHQ to keep track on the issue. 

     The association congratulates and best wishes to the officers.

PA / SA examination 2013 result........Karnataka Circle

To view the entire result, please CLICK HERE. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

PSS Gr"B" list for the year 2013-14

DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2013-14 ....To view the list, please CLICK HERE. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best wishes to all on the occasion of World Post Day and National Postal Week.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Productivity Linked Bonus for the Accounting Year 2012-13 to the Employees of Department of Posts

            Order has been issued vide Department of Posts (Establishment Division) Letter No.26-04/2013-PAP dated 4th October, 2013 for Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus for the Accounting Year 2012-13 equivalent of emoluments of 60 (Sixty) Days to the employees of Department of Posts in Group 'D'/ MTS, Group 'C' and non-gazetted Group 'B' cadre. Similarly, Ex-Gratia payment of Bonus to Gramin Dak Sevaks who are regularly appointed after observing all appointment formalities, and Ad-hoc payment of Bonus to Casual Labourers who have been conferred Temporary Status are also to be paid equivalent of allowances / wages respectively of 60 (Sixty) Days for the same period /year. 

Ceiling limit 

Regular Employees:- Emoluments shall be restricted to Rs.3,500/- per month only. 

Gramin Dak Sevaks:- Time Related Continuity Allowance shall be restricted toRs.3,500/- per month only. 

Full Time Casual Labourers (Including Temporary Status Casual Labourers):- Notional monthly wage shall be restricted to Rs.1,200/- per month only. 

Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 1.7.2013. To view DoPT Memo No. 42/13/2012-P&PW(G) dated 3rd October 2013, please CLICK HERE.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


To view, please CLICK HERE. 

Transfer / posting of PS Gr. B officer to their home circles...regarding

                  To view the repatriation memo, please CLICK HERE. 
   There were 8 officers allotted to Karnataka, the association heartily welcome back the officers to home circle and wish them all the best.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Existing Establishment Norms 

for Division & Sub Division

to view time factors to decide the review cases of divisions and sub divisions.
happy gandhi jayanti