Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nominations for holding of DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2013-14 called for by Directorate.

Directorate vide Memo No. 9-33/2013-SPG dated 24/6/2013 has called for the records / documents for holding of DPC for selection of IPOs line officials for promotion to PS Gr. B for the vacancy year 2013-14. 491 IP line officers nomination called for. Attested copies of ACRs/APARs for the period 2005-06 to 2011-12 in respect of the officials due for promotion along with the officers who have declined the promotion to the PS Group B cadre required to be forwarded to Directorate. DPS (HQ) or senior officer of each circle have been nominated as coordinator.  Eligibility list for promotion to PS Gr. B may kindly be seen by clicking each page.

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10,Page 11 and to view Schedule for submission of records/documents to Dte Page 12.

Monday, June 24, 2013

GS Desk

Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w grant of honorarium for GDS enquiry under Rule-10 of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011

No. GS/AIAIASP/GDS-Hon/2013                                             dated :   22/6/2013
Ms P. Gopinath,
Director General,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.  

Sub: Grant of honorarium to part time Inquiry Officers/ Presenting Officers for conducting inquiries under Rule-10 of GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011 and revision of financial powers delegated to CPMG for sanction of the Honorarium. 

Ref:   DG memo No C-32016/03/2005-VP dated 23.08.2005

Respected Madam,   

Directorate vide memo No 32016/12/2011-VP dated 04.07.2011 on the basis of notification issued by DOP&T has revised honorarium rates for Inquiry Officers/ Presenting Officers engaged for conducting departmental enquiries which was further revised on 8.1.2013. Under the existing structure details, minimum Rs 5000/- and Maximum 10000/- are required to be sanctioned if the enquiry is completed within stipulated time frame. No such revision whatsoever has been made for IO/PO for conducting GDS inquiries, perhaps this was not part of DOP&T memo as no such cadre exists in any other department except DOP.  

Although the responsibilities of IO/PO are predefined and similar in nature both for departmental and GDS employees, yet the honorarium rate is not in parity as is apparent from the below noted table, that also needs upward revision at par with departmental inquiries.   
GDS inquiries
Departmental inquiries
Wef. 04.07.2011
Wef. 31.07.2012
Inquiry Officer (IO) Part time
Minimum Rs 400/-
Maximum Rs 1600/-
Minimum Rs 1500/-
Maximum Rs 3000/-
Minimum Rs 5000/-
Maximum Rs 10000/-
Presenting Officer (PO) Part time
Minimum Rs 250/-
Maximum Rs 500/-
Minimum Rs 750/-
Maximum Rs 1500/-
Minimum Rs 5000/-
Maximum Rs 10000/-

       Furthermore, the annual ceiling of Rs 4000/- per IO/PO per year bestowed to the Head of the Circle since long is still in vogue and no action to revise this limit has been taken concomitantly leaving aside benefit granted above. However, DG Posts has the power to sanction honorarium up to Rs 5000/-, means all the cases will have to be referred to Directorate for sanction. In such cases, either the beneficiary will be deprived of his/her right or will have to wait for long to get the desired relief.
Since the minimum rate of honorarium has been revised for departmental inquiries and the F.R 46 B stood amended (vide MOF, DOE I.CU.O.No.4.2/5/2008-IC dated 29.01.2009), the ceiling and the Financial Powers delegated for sanction of honorarium may also be revised suitably for all purposes.

          Hoping for early decision in the matter and line in reply.

Yours sincerely, 
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Admit Cards for PM Grade I (Departmental) Examination (30th June 2013) To view details, please CLICK HERE. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Supplementary DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2012-13 & repatriation of PS Gr. B to their parent circle

Promotion and Posting in PS Group B

As per Dte Memo No 9-23/2012-SPG(Pt) dated 21.06.2013, the following Inspector line Officials are promoted on regular basis in PS Gr B cadre.
The following officers from Karnataka are promoted

Sl No in the list
Name of the Officer
Present Circle
Allotted to Circle
M Raghavednra
Postal Directorate
H.C. Sadananda
Postal Directorate
Kottankal Basavaraj
L. Prakash

Congratulations to all the Officers on their promotion

Sri Venkatesh Murthy SPOs Mandya Division transferred to PTC Mysore.

Reminder to CPMG

All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts,  Karnataka Circle
AIAIPASP/Kar/1-37 /2013-14                                                                        Dated 21.06.2013
From                                                                                       To
Circle Secretary                                                                      The Chief Postmaster General
AIAIPASP                                                                              Karnataka Circle
Karnataka Circle                                                                    Bangalore 560 001
&ASP (HQ) Sirsi Division Sirsi-581402

Respected Madam,

Sub: Carving out the number of posts of Postmaster grade III- reg.

Ref: My letter of even No dated 21.05.2013

This is with reference to my letter cited above in which it was requested to drop HSG I IP line posts from the identified list of Grade III postmasters which was done in contravention of Dte rules. So far no reply is received in this regard. The matter is also taken up with Dte by our General Secretary vide his letter No CHQ/IPASP/HSG-I/2013 dated 12.06.2013.

Hence it is kindly requested to take favourable action in this regard please and a line in reply. 


                                                                               Yours faithfully,

                  (Manjunatha Hubballi)
Circle Secretary
AIA IP’s & ASP Association, 
Karnataka Circle.

Copy to,
1.      Sri Vilas Ingale GS AIAIPASP New Delhi & SPO’s (Stg) APSO Inland Mumbai-400099.
2.      O/c


Sunday, June 16, 2013

notice to public through Deccan Herald daily News paper dated 16.06.2013


Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w grant of GP of Rs.5400/- to the ASPs after completion of 4 years of regular service in GP Rs.4800/-.

No. CHQ/IPASP/GP/MACP/2013                                          Dated :  15/6/2013.

Ms P. Gopinath,
Director General, 
Department of Posts, 
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001. 
Sub:   Request for grant of Grade Pay of Rs 5400/- to the ASPs after completion of  4 years of regular service in G.P. of Rs. 4800/- earned under MACP Scheme

Respected Madam,

          Association wishes to bring to your kind notice following provisions requiring in-depth analysis, favouring for grant of GP of Rs. 5400/- to those entire ASPs cadre officials, after immediate completion of their regular service in GP of Rs.4800/- earned under MACP. It is hoped that these would certainly find in line and would be taken into consideration before arriving at a just and favourable decision.  

          It is brought to your kind notice that as per Government of India’s Resolution No.  M.F No. 1/1/2008-1C, Dt. 29.08.2008,clause (x) (e), “Group-B officers of Departments of Posts, Revenue, etc. will be granted Grade Pay of Rs, 5,400/- in PB-2 on non – functional basis after 4 years of regular service in the grade pay of Rs,4,800/- in PB-2”. As per this clause all the group “B” officers of Department of post, Revenue etc will be granted grade pay of Rs. 5,400/- in PB- 2 on non functional basis after 4 years of regular service in the grade pay of the 4800 in PB-2.

          Further, as per Para 9 of the Annexure I to DoPT O.M. dated 19.05.2009 issued from F.No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D):  “Regular Service for the purpose of the MACPS shall commence from the date of joining of a post in direct entry grade on a regular basis either on direct recruitment basis or on absorption / re-employment basis…...past continuous regular service in another Government Department in a post carrying same grade pay prior to regular appointment in a new Department, without a break, shall also be counted towards qualifying regular service for the purpose of MACPS….’’.

          As per Para 2 of DoP&T OM No 5034/3/2008-Estt(D)(Vol.II) dated 01.11.2010: “….financial upgradation under the MACPS shall be allowed in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of revised pay bands as given in SSC (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008”.

          The 1st schedule of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 as mentioned in Rule 3 & 4 above, pay band & grade pay on the pay scale as applicable for every post/grade shall be specified. Para 7.6.14 of the report of Pay commission would make it clear that a Group “B” officer in PB-2 with a Grade pay of Rs. 4800/- will get the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- after completing 4 years of regular service on non – functional basis. The enhancement of grade pay is not dependent on the post, but on regular service of 4 years in Grade Pay of Rs. 4,800/- in PB-2 (Rs.7,500- 12000 pre-revised).

          As is evident from DOP&T letter No. 10/02/2011.E.III/A dated 7-1.2013 the pay of Govt. Employees on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibility but carrying the same grade pay is to be fixed by way of addition of one increment of 3% of the sum of pay band of the existing grade pay. As such on assuming higher responsibility from the date of promotion of ASPs to Group “B” no financial benefit is given. Apparently the GP of Rs.4800/- earned by ASPs by virtue of length of service after 30 years is treated as final GP for all purpose. Had this not be the position the pay of ASP on assuming higher responsibility must be fixed under FR 22 1(a) 1. As such claim for grant of Grade Pay of Rs, 5,400/- in PB-2 from the date of financial upgradation in GP of Rs.4800/- on non – functional basis vehemently uphold.

          However, Grade Pay of 5400/- is not being granted to the ASP who got 3rd Financial Upgradation under MACP Scheme and completed 4 years regular service in Grade Pay of 4800/- on the pretext that non-functional up-gradation to the Grade Pay of Rs 5400 in the PB-2 can be given on completion of 4 years of regular service in Grade Pay of Rs 4800/-  in PB-2 (pre-revised pay scale of Rs 7500-12000) after regular promotion and not on account of financial up-gradation due to MACP. On the other hand no pay on so called regular promotion is fixed under FR 22 1(a) 1.

           In this context, it is pertinent to mention here that as per GOI resolution 1/1/2008 IC dated 29.8.08 does not make a categorization within Group B cadres viz ASP/ Supdt. in Departments of Post for the purpose of grant of Grade Pay of Rs 5400/- as both cadre are in Group B and enjoying  gazetted status. In terms of MACP scheme notified by the DoPT vide OM No 35034/1/97- Estt(D)  dated 9.8.1999, the financial up-gradation under the scheme should be granted to the pay scale of the next hierarchical cadre.

          It is not out of place to mention here that on plain reading of DOP&T memorandum No. 10/02/2011.E.III/A dated 7.1.2013 leads to the conclusion that either pay of the officer on assuming higher responsibility should be fixed under FR 22 1(a) 1 in the same GP treating regular service on promotion in the relevant GP or financial upgradation under MACP or otherwise should be considered a regular service in that GP. Two separate interpretations on one issue are bad in the eyes of law and are considered mischievous, farfetched, hyper technical and illegal.

          In the light of above submissions, it is most humbly prayed that Non Functional Grade Pay of 5400/- may please be granted to all the IP/ASP/PS Group B officers effective from the date they have completed 4 years regular service in Grade Pay of 4800/-.         

          With profound regards.
Yours Sincerely

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Friday, June 14, 2013

Achievers awarded in South Karnataka Region.
The top achievers in RPLI and PLI business have been recognized and awarded in SK Region on 12.06.2013. During the Divisional Head Conference of SK Region, the award function was held and the following IP/ ASPOs  were awarded for their achievement in RPLI and PLI business. Along with this the Managers of MBC Manipal( Sri. Ramesh Prabhu), NSH Mangalore(Sri. Harish T.B) and NSH Mysore(Sri. Manjunath Rao) were also awarded for the best performance during the last year.

Name of the Officer
Name of the Sub Division
Amount of Premium Brought in( in lakhs)
Sri. Jayarama Shetty
Kundapura North
Sri. Guruprasad J.S.
Sri. Tarakesh
Sri. Harsha
Sri. Dhananjaya
Puttur Sub Division
Smt. Rekha

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Ms. Arundaty Ghosh assumed the charge of PMG South Karnataka Region on 13.06.2013. We extend a hearty welcome to Madam and wish a successful tenure and peaceful stay.

President, Circle Secretary and Members

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w creation of ASP Posts in Division and filling up of vacant posts of HSG-I (IP Line) cadre.

No. CHQ/IPASP/HSG-I/2013                                               Dated :  12/6/2013 

Ms P. Gopinath,
Director General,  
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.  

Subject : Creation of ASP Posts in Division and filling up of vacant posts of HSG-I (IP Line) cadre. 

Respected Madam,  

          Your kind attention is invited towards this Associations letter even number dated 23/4/2013 wherein it was requested to issue instructions to all Circles to fill all the vacant post of HSG-I (IP Line) on the same analogy as given in the case of HSG-I General line vide Directorate Memo No. 04-44/2012-SPB.II dated 18th April, 2013. But till date no such orders have been issued to circles thereby further eroding the promotional prospects of Inspectors causing frustration amongst the Inspectors cadre.

          This Association would like to bring to your kind notice that re-designation of 141 posts of HSG-I (IP Line) was discussed in the meeting taken by the then Secretary (Posts) on 11/08/2011. It was mentioned in the minutes issued vide No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 25th August 2011 that “The Association was explained that the post of HSG-I was not a promotional posts for IPOs and further HSG-I post is non gazetted whereas the post of ASPOs is gazetted. In the background of the above, the proposal could not be considered”. This Association has already requested to Directorate that, 141 posts of HSG-I (IP Line) may be re-designated as “Assistant Superintendent Posts” in order to differentiate between HSG-I (IP Line) officials and HSG-I (General Line) officials as there are no financial implications.

           Thereafter some Circles like Karnataka, TN, Chief PMsG have identified posts of HSG-I of IP Line for Postmaster Grade III in violation of the Directorate instructions. After intervention of members of the Association, TN Circle took action to maintain status quo but no reverse orders have been issued till date by Karnataka thereby disturbing the settled position.  The Association urges the Department to consider this issue and issue orders immediately that these 141 posts of IP Line remain in subordinate capacity uniformly in HSG-I for IP Line officials.

           It is well known truth that second Cadre Review proposal that has even presidential approval is lynching in the files of Directorate for the past 23 years. Due to non-implementation of Second CRC the promotion prospects of IP & ASP however have further deteriorated with a span for promotion to PS Gr. B extending up to 25 years.

While by some means the general line staff had managed to get upgradation of 1772 posts of HSG-II, HSG-I without any commensurate increase in responsibility. The Department has also taken care of the interest of the IPoS and they have derived the benefits of 5 periodical reviews and 6th one is at implementation stage. But the worst part of it is that the entire exercise was separately done for other cadres except IP/ASP, thus taking away the basic thrust for simultaneous career planning for all. 

Some of the measures proposed by the Department like creation of cluster, creation of inspection cells, re-organization of Sub Divisions with simultaneous up-gradation of some posts to PS Gr. B cadre to the extent necessary to match the recommendations of Cadre Review Committee have only met a slow death with the proposal ultimately relegated to the cold storage. No action to create posts of ASP (BD), ASP (PLI/RPLI), ASP (Tech), ASP (CBS), ASP (Insp) etc. in each division by redeploying the existing 141 HSG-I (IP Line) posts has even taken.

  It will be in the interests of things that the present cadre strength is maintained and any attempt to reduce the cadre strength at HSG-I level without taking into account the declining promotional avenues of the Inspectors cadre would be detrimental to the interests of this cadre.

           Presently filling all the posts of IPASP/HSG-I on the existing recruitment rules and till cadre review and redeployment of HSG-I posts as suggested above will not only provide relief to the stagnation-stricken cadres of the Department, but also will save a lot of time and energy of the authorities to defend the Department in unnecessary litigation on the issues pertaining to cadre and also save the Govt. expenditure.
            Hoping for favourable action and line in reply. 
            With warm regards,
Yours sincerely, 

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Submission of representations / petitions or advance copies of representations to Directorate,Click here to view Department of Posts Letter No.137-32/2013-SPB.II dated 29th May, 2013.

Representation from Government servant on service matters-Prescribed Channels, Click here to view Department of Personnel & Training OM No.11013/08/2013-Estt.(A)-III  dated 06.06.2013.

Concessions to SC and ST's in posts filled by promotion by selection-posts within Group A Click here to view Department of Personnel and Training OM No.36028/8/2009-Estt.(Res) dated 07.06.2013.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Transfers and postings of Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) officers of Indian postal Service, Group'A'

To view Directorate Memo No. 2-8/2013-SPG (Pt.) dated 7th June 2013, please CLICK HERE.