Friday, November 30, 2012

PSS Gr "B" DPC - updates

       GS informed that, DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. 'B' is likely to be convened in the 2nd week of December 2012 for 190 to 200 posts. DPC for JTS Gr. A will be held thereafter. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ruling on 2nd Inspection found in Postal Manual Volume VIII.

Rule 238(4) The second inspection, which should follow the first after a reasonable interval, should
be of a general nature, but in addition, the examination prescribed by questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 22, 3, 24,
113, 116, 117, 168, 178 and 188 of the Sub-office. Inspection and questions 1, 2, 3, 6, 16, 20, 97
and 98 of the Branch Office Inspection in the Collection of Inspection Report Forms must be
carried out. The object of this second inspection will be not only to see whether the defects
discovered in the first inspection have been remedied, but also to see that the work of the branches
as indicated by these questions is in order in all respects. The average time for this inspection
should be two days in the case of head offices and one day in the case of other offices. The notes in
this respect of this inspection also will be written on plain paper and kept on record in the
Superintendent’ office after being signed and dated by him.
(5) When the inspection is completed, a copy of the remarks recorded in the order book
(M.S.-8) of Head Offices only should be forwarded to the Head of the Circle. In the case of suboffices
in charge of time scale selection grade officials, any serious irregularities noticed at the
inspection should be reported seperately to the Head of the Circle

Thursday, November 22, 2012

update on DPC of Gr "B" & JTS
      It was informed by GS that vacancy calculation work (actually from roaster point) for DPC for PS Gr "B" cadre is under process at Directorate and DPC is likely to be convened in the first week of December 2012. As regards to DPC for JTS Gr "A", it will be held after the DPC of PS Gr "B".

Induction training for IP (direct) @ PTC Mysore

The Induction Training for Inspector Posts (Direct) will be held for a period of 15 weeks from 17.12.2012 to 30.03.2013 at Postal Training Centre, Mysore-570 010. 

The details of Seats allotted for the Circles are as under:

Sl No.
Name of the Circle
Seat allotment
Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

  Instructions for Candidates/Trainees.

01.    Please report to Postal Training Centre, Mysore,  by   16.12.2012 A/N between 0330 PM and
          0700 PM  so that the registration formalities are completed.  Stay in PTC hostel is compulsory.

02.    The Induction training program is for 15 (fifteen) weeks. No leave will be granted to the
           trainees during the training period. 

03.     The dress code during the program is Pant/ shirts for men & Churidar/Salwar Kameez/Sarees
           for women.   Other outfits like jeans, T - Shirts etc are not allowed.

04.     Mobile phones are not permitted in the academic block and during study hours in hostel.        
05.      The candidates are required to bring the following:-
  1.Three recent passport / stamp size photographs (colour)
  2. Details of payment to be made by the trainees at the time of admission are furnished
Food  charges from  (17.12.2012 to  30.03.2013)
Accommodation charges etc. (PTC, Mysore)
Total amount of payment

Per day Rs. 129/- X 104 days =13,416/-
Rs. 3,156/-
Rs. 16,572/-
      Physical Training is a part of training .Uniforms for P.T. is as under:-
                  For Men
                  For Women
*White track suit with Indiapost logo
* White track suit with Indiapost logo
White Canvas Shoes with socks  - 1 pair
(Should be purchased by the trainees)
White Canvas Shoes with Socks - 1  pair
(Should be purchased by the trainees)
 *PT Uniform dresses with Departmental logo will be supplied by PTC, Mysore. Cost of the same is
Rs. 650/-.
06.   In addition to the above, the trainees are requested to bring 1 pair of black / brown shoes with socks and tie.

07.  The pregnant Lady candidate (at advanced stage) is not allowed in training course.
08.   Drinking of alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco/ Gutkha is strictly prohibited in the campus.   Suitable action will be taken against those, who will not follow this instruction.  

                                                                                                         Deputy Director

General information about PTC,Mysore

Mysore is located at a distance of 137 kms from Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka. Mysore is connected to Bangalore by both rail and road. The drive from Bangalore takes about three hours.
Postal Training Centre at Mysore is housed in a Palace, which formerly belonged to the royal family of Mysore. The campus is spread over an area of 31.5 acres with hostels, play grounds and other amenities for trainees.
How to reach
Postal Training Centre Mysore is situated in the Nazarbad Area diagonally opposite to Nazarbad Police Station. Mysore Railway station is about 5 kms. Mysore main bus stand is about 3 kms. KSRTC local buses ply from railway station/bus stand to a bus stop situated near the PTC Mysore main gate. Auto charges from railway station would be around Rs. 60/- and from main bus stand, it would be around Rs. 35/-.
Mysore enjoys a cool and pleasant climate round the year with temperature rarely going beyond 30o C. Now the minimum temperature is   11° C. Trainees are required to bring adequate winter wear.
Postal Training Centre has its hostel in the campus, where participants will be accommodated. There will be sharing of accommodation. Separate blocks are available for men and women trainees. Accommodation for the families of the participants is not available.

Mess facility
Vegetarian mess facility is provided.

Physical Training
Physical training activities are provided to the trainees through Physical Training Instructor. Facilities for playing outdoor games are available. There will be yoga session every day

Library/Reading room
All important daily newspapers, weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines of English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada are made available to the trainees in the reading room. In Library, Southern regional languages books, books on management, computer, English fiction, nonfiction and etc, in English & Hindi are available.

A dispensary is available for providing medical facility to the trainees.

Reference No.TRG-1/2-3/Dir IP/07/12-13         dated at     Mysore-570010 the                             19/11/2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CAT Bangalore Bench, Bangalore, OA No 232/2012 allowed and order favorably to the officer in respect of appearing Gr "B" examination held on 12062012

Minutes of Bimonthly meeting with PMG SK Region Bangalore on 30.10.2012

Monday, November 19, 2012


The Quami Ekta Week (National Integration week) is observed every year from 19th to 25th November, 2012 to foster and reinforce the spirit of Communal Harmony and National Integration Week.

The Quami Ekta Week provides us an opportunity to reaffirm the values of tolerance, co-existence and brotherhood in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society. 

The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH) an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of Home Affairs also organizes a Communal Harmony Campaign week coinciding with the Quami Ekta Week. The Foundation also provides financial assistance for release and rehabilitation of children rendered orphan or destitute in communal, caste, ethnic or terrorist violence.

Friday, November 16, 2012

PLI clientele extended

As a positive development and an appropriate strategy for publicity and securing business, Department of Posts has approved expansion of the clientele eligible for PLI. Henceforth, the PLI can be extended to the following group:

·                     Employees engaged/appointed on contract basis by Central/State Government, where the contract is extendable.
·                     Employees of Joint Venture in which Central/State Government/Public Sector Undertaking/ Nationalised Banks have minimum holding of 10 percent.
·                     Members/employees of Credit Co-operative Societies and other Co-operative Societies registered with Government under the Co-operative Societies Act and partly or fully funded from the Central /State Govt./RBI /SBI/ NABARD/ Nationalised Banks and other suchInstitutes notified by Government.
·                     Employees of Deemed Universities and Educational Institutes accredited by recognised bodies such as National Assessment and Accreditation Council, All India Council of Technical Education, Medical Council of India etc.and or affiliated to Universities/ Boards etc.
·                     Employees of all Scheduled Commercial Banks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frequently asked questions and answers     on LTC matters-DOPT
Establishment division(A-IV) of Department of Personnel & Training has published an   another useful ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’ regarding the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for Central Government employees. s
How are the claims of LTC be adjusted in case of delayed submission?

Where advance has been drawn, the claim for reimbursement shall be submitted within one month of the completion of the return journey.

Where no advance has been drawn, the expenditure incurred shall be submitted within three months of the completion of the return journey.

Administrative Ministry/Department concerned can admit the claims in relaxation of the provisions subject to the following time limits without reference to DoPT:

(a) Where no advance is taken, LTC Bill submitted within a period not exceeding six months; and

(b) Where advance has been drawn, claim for reimbursement submitted within a period of three months after the completion of return journey (provided the Govt. servant refunds the entire advance within 45 days after the completion of the return journey. Rule 14 of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with -

O.M. No. 31011/5/2007-Estt.A dated 27th September, 2007 
Can a Govt. servant visit NER or N&K on more than one occasion on conversion of Hometown under the relaxation allowed for LTC visits to NER/J&K?

Govt. servant who has availed the benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K in one block (say 2006-2009) can again visit NER/J&K in the new/next block (say 2010- 2013) subject to availability of LTC in a allowed particular block so long as the relaxation is in force.

1. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-Estt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 

2. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-EStt.(A) date 23.04. 2010 

3. O.M No. 31011/2/2003-EStt.(A) dated 18.06.2010
3 .
Can a Govt. employee avail of air travel to NER/J&K in case of All India LTC if his Home town and the Headquarters are at the same place?

Both NER and J&K scheme of LTC allow relaxation for air travel on All India LTC to all categories of employees to the extent specified in the DOP&T’s O.M 31011/4/2007- Estt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 and DOP&T’s O.M 31011/2/2003-Estt.(A) dated 18.06.2010 even if the Hometown and the Headquarters are same. 

Whether Govt. servant who has already availed one Home Town LTC in the current block can avail LTC to visit NER? 
Yes, he can avail it against All India LTC.
Can a Govt. servant avail the benefit of visiting NER/J&K twice in a particular block of 4 years?

Yes, a Govt. servant can visit NER/J&K by conversion of his Home Town LTC and also by availing All India LTC subject to validity period of the scheme and fulfilling of other conditions.
Can a fresh recruit avail the benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K?

A fresh recruit Govt. servant can also avail benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K against one of the three occasions of Home Town available to him in each block. 
Can fresh recruit avail of conversion of Home Town to visit NER/J&K under the relaxation allowed for visiting NER/J&K?

Any Govt. employee can avail of the relaxation for visiting NER/J&K and convert one Home Town LTC for such visit in a block of 4 years as long as the relaxations continue.

1. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-EStt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 

2. O.M No. 31011/2/2003-EStt.(A) dated 18.06.2010

Can a fresh recruit Govt. servant avail of All India LTC anytime during the 4 year block? 

It can be availed only the block and not at random.
Whether Carry over of LTC is allowed to fresh recruits?

Carry over of LTC is not allowed to fresh recruits as they are eligible for every year LTC for the first 8 years of service. 
Who is a fresh recruit entitled for LTC every year?

A person who has joined service for the first time is treated as a fresh recruit for the first eight years.

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008-Estt.(A) dated 23.09.2008. 
How the LTC entitlements of fresh recruits are regulated in the first eight years?

On completion of one year, the Fresh recruit can be allowed 3 Home Town LTC and 1 All India LTC in each block of Four years in the first 8 years.

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008-Estt.(A) dated 23.09.2008. 

Whether Dependent parents of fresh recruits can avail LTC for the journey from Home Town to Headquarters and back? 
No, the dependent parents of fresh recruits can not avail LTC for the journey from Home Town to Headquarters and back.
Whether claims for reimbursement can be allowed for road journeys by bus/taxi or other vehicle operated by private operators?

LTC Rules do not permit reimbursement for journey by a private car (owned/borrowed/hired) or a bus/van or other vehicle owned by private operators. LTC facility shall be admissible only in respect of journeys performed in vehicles operated by Govt. or any Corporation in the Public sector run by the Central or State Govt. or a local body. Rule 12(2) of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with-

DoPT’s O.M. NO. 31011/4/2008-Estt.A dated 23 September, 2008 

Whether airfare of children whose full fare is charged by the airlines is reimbursed? 
If full fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant, the same will be reimbursed.

Can a Govt. servant use the service of travel agents for LTC purpose? 
Yes, but it should be limited to M/s Balmer Lawrie and Company and M/s. Ashok Travels and Tours.
What is the definition of family for LTC?

For LTC purpose, family consists of

(i) Spouse of the Govt. servant and two surviving unmarried children or Step children.

(ii) Married daughters, who have been divorced, abandoned or separated from their husbands and widowed daughters residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

(iii) Parents and/or step parents residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

(iv) Unmarried minor brothers as well as unmarried, divorced, abandoned, separated from their husbands and widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant provided their parents are either not alive and are themselves wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

Rule 4 of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008- Estt.(A) dated 23.09. 2008. 
What are the dependency criteria?

A member of family whose income from all sources, including pension, temporary increase in pension does not exceed Rs.3500 from 01.09.2008 and Dearness relief thereon is deemed to be wholly dependent on the Government servant. 
Can parents/children residing at other places avail LTC to visit the Govt. servant at Headquarters and go back?

No, reimbursement of LTC claims being restricted to the entitlement for journey between Headquarters and place of visit, the , amount reimbursable in such cases is nil.

O.M. No. 31011/14/86-Estt.(A) dated 07.05.1987 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


No. ITD-CGA/07-11/GPF-MIDS/Pt. file III/888-925
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
Office of the Controller General of Accounts
Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market
New Delhi — 110 003
 (IT. Division)
Date : 29th October, 2012.

     Reference is invited to dais office OM of even no. 673-708 dated 14.09.2012, vide which all the Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs were requested to direct all the PAOs under their administrative control to update the General Information (GI) data of all the GPF subscribers in COMPACT with their Date of Birth, Date of Joining Government Service, Date of Superannuation and PAN allotted by Income Tax Department so that the multiple accounts of GPF subscribers could be mapped and Unique IDs could be allotted to all the Account holders.

 2.   However, on verification from the report available on e-Lekha, it has been observed that the GI data has been updated only by very few PAOs. The multiple accounts of GPF subscribers could be mapped only after receipt of the complete information.

 3.   Pr.CCA/CCA/CA may instruct all the PAOs under their payment control to update the GI data urgently so that this office may take steps towards allotment of Unique IDs to the individual GPF subscribers. It may be ensured that all the GPF account numbers are maintained through GPF module of COMPACT only by the respective PAOs.

 4.   A report to check the status of updation of GI data by the PAOs is available on e-Lekha. The Controller level user of e-Lekha can view this report viz., 'PAN No. Updation Status for GPF Subscribers', under sub module MIS-8 of e-Lekha.

(Alok Kumar Verma) 
Dy. Controller General of Accounts (ITD)

            CPMG CO Bangalore has called for items to be discussed in the four-monthly meeting to be held shortly. All the members are requested to intimate any items that are to be taken up in the said meetings to the CS. The items can be intimated over phone or by email.
Minutes of the Bimonthly meeting with PMG NK Region Dharwad on 09.10.2012