Tuesday, May 29, 2012

  1.       Creation of additional Regions in the Circle with a maximum of Eight divisions/units in the revised regional jurisdictions.
  2.         Regions to be continued to be headed by PMGs.
  3.  3.      All the Postal Divisions/RMS Divisions/PSDs/CSDs to be upgraded from PS Gr. B to JTS Group A with a view to enhance Protocol parity with other State Govt. Officers placed in Group A Cadre.
  4.  4.      Existing Gazetted Head Post Offices in PS Group B Cadre to be upgraded to Group A Cadre and given the status of independent units under the direct control of PMG/CPMG as the case may be.
  5.  .      Existing Group A Divisions to be upgraded to JAG Grade to be headed by Directors. Similarly GPOs headed by JTS Group A officers to be upgraded to JAG to be headed by Directors.
  6.  .      Present ASPs in the divisional office/Regional/Circle offices to be upgraded to PS Group B and redesignated as Dy. Supdts in view of decentralization of PLI/RPLI, increasing in BD products and implementation of CBS work.
  7.       All HSG-I Head Post Offices to be upgraded to Group B Head Post Offices to be head by Sr. Postmasters with Dy. Sr. Postmasters in HSG I Cadre to be earmarked for Postmaster Grade – II officials.
  8.       The Posts of Sr. Postmasters of Gazetted Group B to be filled by promotion of PMs Graded-III officials and IP Grade officials with a ratio of 50:50.
  9.       All the MDGs to be upgraded to HSG I Grade and filling up of these Posts of PM MDG to be made through PMs Grade II officials & HSG II General line officials with ratio of 50:50.
  10.     All the Sub Divisions headed by IPs & ASPs to be continued as at present unless a consensus is arrived.
  11.  .  There has to be a minimum B Class office at the grass root level.  All the C Class offices to be upgraded to B Class Offices.
  12. .    . The Posts of Mail overseers to be designated as Asst. Inspectors and PAs with 5 years of service to be absorbed after passing an aptitude test.
  13.  ..   Posts of PA need to be created to make provision for System Administrators and Marketing Executes.   Sytems Administrators   :  04 per division,      Marketing Executives :    02 per division
  14.  .   All the BOs to be computerized. In the recruitment rules of GDS BPMs apart from SSLC Qualification knowledge of computers to be added as essential qualification.

Above considered views are placed for kind consideration of the committee
                                                                                          By AIAIPASP Karnataka Circle 

         Today bimonthly meeting with PMG NK Region Dharwad held at o/o PMG NK Region Dharwad at 1200 hrs. Sri Manjunatha G Hubballi CS, Sri Vijayanarasimha ACS, Sri S S Murthy OCS and Sri H B Hasabi were attended the meeting, the following points were discussed
Old item;
1.       IO/PO honorarium to IP/ASP’s in the revised rate. PMG agreed to issue sanctions in the revised rates.
New items:
2.       Issue of posting orders to IP trainees. Order issued
3.       SA training for IP/ASP’s. Matter is taken up with PTC Mysore by CO.

      Sri Vasumitra PMG, Sri B P Sarangi DPS and Sri J F Shekar AD(staff) were present on the administrative side.

Re-allotment/Transfer/Promotion of the JTS/STS Officers

To view the Department of Posts Orders No.4-5/2011-SPG dated 25th May, 2012 Click here.

PS Gr. 'B' Examination update.

It is learnt from concerned section of Postal Directorate that, PS Gr. B Examination for the year 2012 will be held at scheduled date and time. The vacancy position will also be declared within one or two days.

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary
source: CHQ blog

promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2012

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2012
No. GS/AIAIASP/PS Gr. B/2012                                 dated :       25th May, 2012

Ms Yeshodhara Menon,  
Member (Personnel), 
Department of Posts, 
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, 
New Delhi 110 001. 

              Subject : Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for
              promotion to the  cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2012.

Ref.    :   Postal Directorate  memo No. A-34012/3/2011-DE dated
                             10th April, 2012   
Respected Madam,

          Your kind attention is invited to this Association’s letters of even number dated 3/5/2012 and 19th May, 2012 on the above mentioned subject.

         This Association has already informed Directorate that many Circles have not allowed our members to fill the OMR sheet on the ground that training period spent before induction in IP cadre is not to be reckoned as qualifying service. The second reason being adverse entry like ‘warning’, ‘reprimand’ emerged in last 5 ears’ ACR/APAR, though otherwise their grading in APAR remains between 6-8(very good).

             Since both the reasons of the department are unfounded and against the rules in vogue thereby giving way to litigations. In view of such acts, few members of this Association have knocked the doors of Courts for relief and as such got relief. Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench OA No. 380/2012 and 232/2012 filed at Bangalore CAT bench may kindly be referred to. It is apparent that, other eligible and analogous IPs/ASPs who are not allowed on the above grounds have approached Directorate through different representations to allow them to appear in the examination. Their representations are still pending for decision and as such, the circles will not be in a position to allow them to fill OMR sheets. Not allowing all eligible even those who have not approached the court will be against the natural justice and infringement to article 14 & 16 of the Constitution. It will also be discrimination to other eligible similar situated candidates who are not party to the OA.

In view of the above, your kind honour is once again requested to arrange for withdrawal of the notification issued to conduct the PS Gr. “B” examination scheduled to be held on 3rd June 2012 and hold the said examination only after the revision of Recruitment Rules and other prerequisites such as qualifying service and grading etc.

          Favourable action is solicited.
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

List of selected officers in DPC for promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre.

Postal Directorate vide Memo No.  4-5 / 2011 – SPG Dt. 25.05.12 has issued orders for promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre on regular basis. 
01. L.K.Gangadharan, Kerala to Postal Dte.
02. R.B.Kadam, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
03. B.Halim Khan, Chattisgarh to Chattisgarh.
04. T.Ram Babu, Andhra to Andhra.
05. J.S Patil, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
06. S.K.Gupta, MP to MP.
07. B.Tripati, Dte to Dte.
08. P.M.Vasudevan, Kerala to Kerala.
09. T.K.Chakraborthi, WB to WB.
10. Bipin Chandra Singh, Bihar to Bihar.
11. N.T.Gange, Karnataka to Karnataka.
12. G.Eswarappa, Karnataka to Karnataka.
13. T.Kalyan Rao, Karnataka to Karnataka.
14. A.A.Zoal, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
15. Radhe Shyam Sharma, Rajasthan to Rajasthan.
16. Shyam Pande, Bihar to Bihar.
17. K.Vara Prasad Rao, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
18. R.B.Nigam, Punjab to Punjab.
19. Manik Das, Assam to Assam.
20. Kuldeep Singh Rana, APS to APS.
21. Nagesh H Manavi, Karnataka to Karnataka.
22. Trilok Ram Arya, Uttarkhand to Dte.
23. Jeth Mal Jingor, Rajasthan to Dte.
24. D.Shivaiah, PTC, Mysore to Dte.
25. Hari Pada Jora, WB to WB.
26. M.Chandrasekara Reddy, Andhra to Andhra.
27. V.S.Mani, TN to TN.
We Congraulate to all the officers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grant of incentive to SDI/ASP's

Online Certificate Course on Right to Information Act
      It is pleased to announce that Sri Shrinath N.B, ASP [Division], O/o the Superintendent of Post Offices, Karwar Division, Karwar has successfully passed the Online Certificate Course on Right to Information Act’ launched by the Department of Personnel and Training [DoPT] in association with the Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad. 

He has taken the online Examination of  52nd Batch of the Online Certificate Course and secured 70% Marks which is Second Highest among the candidates appeared from Karnataka in the said batch. 

This course is very useful for all the ASPs/IPs in handling RTI cases in official functioning. This course enriches the knowledge in RTI Act. The registration to this Online course can be made in the website:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The meeting with CPMG was held today from 1430 hrs to 1530 hrs. Sri Manjunatha Hubballi, CS, President  Sri  Naveen Chander, Circle Treasurer Sri Joseph Rodrigues and Smt. Suchetha Hegde Vice President attended the meeting.

Items Discussed:

1.      RPLI Incentive to SDHs: CPMG Madam has issued orders to allow commission at the  rate of 10% commission payable to GDS

2.      Re-allotment of Region case of ASPOs:  Cases will be considered in due course. Association urged Madam to consider cases at least after completion of one year for which Madam replied favorably.

3.      A separate tool for inspection of computerized offices: CPMG has taken note of the suggestion as a valid point and the issue will be forwarded to Directorate

4.      System Administrator Training  to SDHs:  The training will be imparted in phased manner

5.      Other Issues : Out of agenda

a.      CUG Numbers to Mail Overseers: Will be decided after assessing the total expenditure

b.      Attachment of one GDS post to SDH: CPMG urged Association that the Orderly post  previously attached may be restored. The case may be taken at Directorate

c.       Rule 38 transfer case of two surplus IPs working Gujarath Circle: The circle has already replied Directorate that they will be accommodated in the circle and the consent letter is already issued.

d.      The allowances for substitutes working during the Paid leave period of GDS and requirement of modification in Accountant Software: The CPMG has taken note of the issue and the matter will be taken up with CEPT Mysore for necessary patch/ rectification  in the software

The CPMG Madam was very kind enough to hear our grievances. From the Staff side PMG BD, PMG SK, DPS NK, DPS HQ and AD( CS and Training) were present.  

      Bangalore CAT bench allowed the case of Ms Deepa K ASP Haveri Sub Division Haveri under OA No 232/2012. The interim order is provisionally permitted Ms Deepa K to appear for PSS Gr “B” examination to be held on 03.06.2012. She belongs to IP 2004 batch and joined as IP on 25.01.2006.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Copy of D.G. Posts No. 18-9/2010-Bldg. dated 10.05.2012. (Addressed to All the Heads of Postal Circles)

I am directed to refer to the department’s letter of even no. dated 28.03.2011, enclosing herewith instructions issued vide letter no. 7-6/99-Bldg. dated 13/14.12.2001. The part (C) of the instructions pertains to ‘allotment of post attached/rent free residential accommodation’.
2. It has been brought to the notice of the Department that in some circles, there has been resentment among the PMs/SPMs on being forced to accept quarters that are not in the premises of post offices, as post attached quarters. The matter has been under consideration in the Department for some time.
3. It is hereby clarified that the quarters, which are within the premises/building of the post offices, need only be declared as post attached quarters; which the PMs/SPMs are bound to occupy. However, in other cases, i.e. quarters which are not in the premises/building of the post office, it may be left to the discretion of the concerned Pos/SPMs whether to accept or not accept such quarters.
4. This may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned for information, guidance and necessary action.
5. This issues with the approval of Member (Planning).
(Subhash Chander)
Director(SR, Legal & Estates)


Copy of D.G. Posts No. 51-3/2011-SPB-II dated 10th May, 2012.(Addressed to All the Heads of Circles)

I am directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 15.6.2011 on the subject mentioned above and to say that Unions, in the meeting with Secretary (Posts) on 10.1.2012 and 12.1.2012, pointed out that the instructions issued vide ibid letter are not being followed strictly.
It is, therefore, again requested to please ensure that the cases of grant of Child Care Leave are liberally dealt with as per the instructions of Government of India as mentioned in the letter referred to above.
(Raj Kumar)
Director (Staff)

DPC for JTS Gr. A.

DPC for promotion to JTS Gr. A Cadre which was scheduled to be held on 11th May 2012 is postponed and it is learnt that the same will be held on 17th May 2012.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Announcement of vacancies for PS Group B Examination

The PS Group B Examination is scheduled to be held on 03.06.2012. But the vacancies for the Examination is yet to be notified by the Directorate. Department has taken decision to conduct PS Group ‘B’ exam on 3rd June, may be under old recruitment rules only. As per the calculations made by the IP/ASP association of Punjab circle, Vacancies predicted for the PS Group B Examination under each category as per existing recruitment rules are around 19 for IP Line in 165 point roster and 2 for General line in 52 point roster. 
Source : IP/ASP association Punjab Circle Blog

Monday, May 14, 2012


Ad-hoc posting orders in SK Region in IP Cadre

In pursuance of the CO Memo No.STA/7-2/33 dated 02.05.2012, approval of the Competent Authority is hereby conveyed for promotion and allotment of the following officials to the cadre of Inspector Posts, purely on temporary and ad-hoc basis.  These candidates were qualified in the Examination held in the year 2011 for the post of Inspector Posts.  The competent authority has allotted/posted these qualified Inspectors to the Region/Sub-division shown against each as under on the conditions stipulated herein;-
Sl. No.
Name & designation
of the candidates
Division in which working
Region to which allotted

 Posted as

Nagaraj, Steno
NK Region
PMG NK  will issue orders

K.V. Nanjunda Raju, PA
BG East
SK Region
IP, Gauribidanur sub dn.

Vice Sri. J.K. Umesh
M. Manukumar, Postal Asst.
SK Region
IP, Kollegal sub dn.
Against the vacant post
N. Satish, Sorting Assistant
BG Sorting Division
SK Region
IP, Q-1 Sub dn. Bangalore
Against the vacant post
J. Mohan, Postal Assistant
BG East
SK Region
IP,  Robertsonpet sub dn.
Against the vacant post
P.L. Nagaraju, Postal Assistant
SK Region
IP,  Sira  sub dn.
Against the vacant post
M. Chandra Naik, Postal Asst.
SK Region
IP, Sullia  sub dn.
Against the vacant post
M. Venkatesh, Postal Assistant
NK Region
PMG NK  will issue orders

Gangappa, Postal assistant
NK Region
PMG NK  will issue orders

C. Shobha, Postal Assistant
SK Region
IP, Nagamangala sub dn.

Vice Sri. M.R. Harsha
K.M. Gajendra, Postal Asst
NK Region
PMG NK  will issue orders

Jayakumar, Postal Assistant

NK Region
PMG NK  will issue orders