Friday, February 18, 2011

Group B Result

Group B Result declared.

Rank    Name
2        M Sudhakar Mallya
3        Jayanth Kumar
11      Anil Joshi
19      Chandrakanth Kamath
26      A Koragappa Naik

IPASP Association conveys heartly congratulations to all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Department of Posts is going to introduce banking service through Post Offices. All post offices will also work as Post Banks. ATMs will also be introduced along with Post Banks.
Department of Posts is going to launch Post Bank and prepaid card scheme very shortly.All the regional heads of all circles have been directed to personally identify and expedite the manner of installation of ATMs in Head Post Offices. RBI approval and License is awaited. As part of core banking process, all existing accounts are now updated in computers. The circle heads are frequently stressed to complete the signature scanning of all account holders as early as possible. A centralized server possibly at Ghaziabad is proposed to be constituted which will automatically extract data from all HOs & SOs as and when the counter clerk enters a transaction. The role of SBCO will be minimized. The preservation of records at all HOs will be considerably reduced.
Under Prepaid card scheme which is to be launched in collaboration with banks, all expenses are to be borne by banks. Cards will be issued to customers who have Savings account only and later expanded to other customers. With help of card , one can withdraw money in POs/ Any ATM/make purchase in any merchant outlets. A minimum charge will be levied for each operation. Minimum load is Rs 1000. Maximum reload to card is Rs50000. Maximum withdrawal is 10000 per day and only four times  a card can be used in a single given day.


            The government has hiked the limits of gratuity payment from Rs 3.5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. This enhanced limit is applicable to employees who retire, become incapacitated before retirement, expire or whose services were terminated on or after May 24, 2010.
            As per Section 10(10) of Income Tax Act, gratuity is paid when an employee completes five or more years of full-time service with the employer. In respect of government employees, any death-cum-retirement gratuity received under the pension rules or scheme of the central or state government, or regulations applicable to the members of defence services, is not taxable.
            In case of gratuity received under the Gratuity Act, 1972, any gratuity received to the extent that it does not exceed an amount calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Gratuity Act is not taxable. For employees receiving gratuity other than under the government pension or gratuity scheme and also other than under the Payment of Gratuity Act, the computation mechanism in respect of exemption limits has been specified in the IT Act. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued a notification increasing the overall tax exemption to Rs 10 lakhs.
            The gratuity received by an employee is not taxable if it is received on his retirement, his becoming incapacitated prior to such retirement, termination of employment or if such gratuity is received by his widow, children or dependants on his death. Further, such gratuity does not exceed one-half month's salary for each year of completed service, calculated on the basis of the average salary for 10 months immediately preceding the month in which such retirement or death takes place, subject to the limits prescribed by the central government.
            Salary for this purpose includes dearness allowance, but excludes all other allowances and perquisites. Also, as per some judicial precedents, completed service would mean a total period of service whether under one employer or more.
            In case any such gratuities are received by an employee from more than one employer in the same financial year, the aggregate amount so exempt should not exceed the overall exemption limit. Similarly, if gratuities were received in one or more financial years, the exempt amount claimed earlier has to be taken into account while computing the exemption at present.
What is gratuity?
Gratuity is a retirement benefit. An employer may offer gratuity out of his own funds or may purchase a group gratuity plan from a life insurer. In case the employer chooses a life insurer, annual contributions as decided by the insurer have to be paid. The gratuity paid by the insurer will depend on the terms of the group gratuity scheme.
ET Bureau 13th February, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Collaboration between Department of Posts & UIDAI

Department of Posts is striving to provide complete solution for delivering the Unique Identification Number to all the residents in the country. A Statement of Intent is today being signed between Department of Posts and UIDAI in the presence of the Hon’able Minister of Communications and IT and the Hon’able Chairman of UIDAI.
2. The main purpose of this Statement is to forge strategic alliance to create value for both the Department of Posts and the UIDAI and for the residents of India.
Salient Features of Statement of Intent to being signed today, the 4th of February 2011
v UIDAI wishes to leverage the national network of the Department of Posts to provide Aadhaar and the accompany authentication services to all residents.
Department of Posts and UIDAI wish to collaborate to provide state of art bio-metric and ID authentication services to the residents.
Providing of enrolment and updation facility to the residents of India in identified post offices across the country subject to economic & operational viability.
Facilitating continuing Aadhaar enrolment and provision of up-dation centres across the network of Post Offices subject to feasibility & on mutually agreed terms
Transmission and delivery of UID letters to the residents of the country and providing proof of delivery of these letters through a service specially customized for UIDAI
Use of Aadhaar and Aadhaar based authentication services in Postal business where deemed fit by Department of Posts;
Sharing demographic and biometric data collected during enrolment for Aadhaar on mutually agreed terms & conditions;
Utilizing Media Post and Direct Mail services of Department of Posts by the UIDAI to targeted group of residents across the country to promote Aadhar on mutually agreed terms & conditions.
In a recognition of the fact that Aadhaar enablement may call for running Proof of Concept and Pilot projects both side agree to do so where deemed necessary and subject to mutual convenience. Such exercises as may be undertaken in pursuit of this understanding will endeavour to produce Detailed Project Reports which can be effectively used to scale up the projects on successful completion.
3. The mandate of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is to provide a Unique Identification Number to each and every resident of the country. This involves:-
a) Capture of demographic and bio-metric data of each and every resident.
b) Generating a Unique Identification Number for each resident of the country.
c) Printing a communication carrying the Unique Identification Number addressed to each resident.
d) Delivery of this communication to the resident.
e) Updation of resident’s data on a periodic basis.
4. Department of Posts has a vast network of post offices across the country which touches each and every resident of the country. The Department of Posts, therefore, is the only organization in the country that can provide an end to end comprehensive solution to the requirements of the UIDAI in this regard.
5. In view of above, Department of Posts and UIDAI came together and signed their first Memorandum of Understanding on 30th April, 2010. This MOU covers the following areas:-
a) Printing of communication carrying UID Number addressed to the resident at Department of Posts ‘Print to Post’ facility at Kolkata GPO.
b) Transmission of the UID communications printed at Department of Posts’ ‘Print to Post’ facility to the addressee by the fastest means.
c) Delivery of the UID communication to the addressee through the vast network of post offices across the country.
6. The ‘Print to Post’ facility of Department of Posts at Kolkata is expected to print and dispatch about 1 crore UID letters upto March 31, 2011. During the year 2011-12, Department of Posts is expected to print and deliver about 12 crore UID letters.
7. Subsequently, Department of Posts signed the second Memorandum of Understanding with UIDAI on the September 18, 2010 wherein Department of Posts agreed to act as Registrar to UIDAI. UIDAI is in the process of shortlisting the Enrolment Agencies that will manage the Enrolment Stations in the identified post offices. More than 3700 post offices across the country have been identified for providing enrolment stations facility.



Willingness in Sr PM Cadre

Options from willing PS Gr.B officials for filling up of the posts of Senior Postmasters (Gr. B Gazetted) in the Postmaster Cadre
Copy of Directorate Letter No. 9-5/2011-SPG dated 04/02/2011 regarding filling up of the posts of Senior Postmasters (Gr. B Gazetted) in the Postmaster Cadre is reproduced below.

Subject : Filling up of the posts of Senior Postmasters (Gr. B Gazetted) in the Postmaster Cadre
Sir / Madam,
              Please refer to this Department’s letter No. 4-17/2008-SPB-II dt. 22.11.2010 regarding introduction of Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing. As per the Recruitment Rules notified vide G.S.R. 741(E) dt. 09.09.2010, the initial constitution for the 116 posts of Senior Postmaster would be from amongst the officers holding the post of Postal Services Group “B” in PB-2 and Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/- on regular basis after calling for their options for appointment to these posts.
2.          As per the provisions of the Recruitment Rules, Postal Circles will call for the options/ applications of willing P.S. Group “B” officers along with their bio-data for appointment as Senior Postmaster. While inviting the applications it may be categorically stated that:
                (i)  Once an officer submits his application, he will not be allowed to withdraw the same.
`           (ii) Officers who are still left with at least two years of service to retire only may apply in order to avoid their dislocation at the fag end of their service.
         (iii) The officers in P.S. Group ‘B’ and Senior Postmaster (Gazetted) would be eligible for induction in IPos Gr. ‘A’ on the basis of a consolidated eligibility list.
3.            The applications so received will be scrutinized to check the eligibility of the applicants and forwarded to the Directorate along with the ACRs of last five years and vigilance clearance statement of penalties imposed during last five years in addition to the bio-data of the officers for further action.
4.            All the Postal Circles are requested to follow the time schedule mentioned below for sending the applications of P.S. Group ‘B’ officers to fill up the posts of Sr. Postmaster:
(i)         Date of issue of circular calling for the options/applications for appointment as Senior Postmaster : 15.02.2011.
(ii)   Last date for receipt of options/applications along with bio-data :04.03.2011.
(iii) Completion of scrutiny of applications, obtaining vigilance clearance and forwarding the applications to Postal Directorate : 15.03.2011.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/-(B.P.Sridevi)Director (Staff)Tel. No. 011/230366656


At last, Moile Number Portability has launched across India! Now you can retain your telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another. If you want assistance on MNP, please call any of the following Toll Free Numbers or Helpline to join their network.
AIRCEL- 98020 98020 (HL)
AIRTEL - 1800 103 1111
BSNL - 1800-180-1503
IDEA - 1800-270-0000
MTNL (Mumbai)- 1800-22-1503
MTNL (Delhi)- 1800-11-1503
TATADOCOMO- 1800-266-0000
VODAFONE - 1800 1234567

Result of PS Group B Examination held in May-2010

Result of PS Group B examination held in May-2010 is expected to be announced by 15-02-2011.

Action to be taken to fill up the vacancies on the basis of latest Recruitment Rules for the post of Multi Tasking Staff & Postman/ Mail Guard.

For more information on "Action to be taken to fill up the vacancies on the basis of latest Recruitment Rules for the post of Multi Tasking Staff & Postman / Mail Guard" follow the link